Homemade Explosives / HME



Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to:

  • Conduct WTI based exploitation of a HME lab
  • Awareness module on the Poppy to Heroin process
  • ID the hazards and the appropriate safety measures associated with a given lab
  • Instruction and exercises on precursor and explosive categorization and evidence collection
  • Encompasses the tactical characterization and the technical categorization of a given lab
  • Training materials include HME IED training devices, mock lab facilities and simulators
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This 5 day – 40hr, HME & Chemical Precursors Training provides a thorough understanding of the varying types of HME and their associated precursors. This course emphasizes a hands-on approach where EOD, K-9, Intelligence, and SOF Operators identify the refinement, concentration, combination, manufacture, and/or dilution of precursor chemicals commonly or commercially available in targeted operational environments. Attendees will construct the physical processing equipment and manufacture a wide array of inert homemade explosives in a safe and informative environment. Students will participate in classroom study, HME Labs, and practical range exercises under the supervision of qualified HME instructors.


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