Must have kit for technicians and engineers

This $300 kit will make you look like an electronics wizard!

This kit is essential for Technicians and Engineers

This little kit has saved my life more times than I can count. You need one of these kits if you are going to be getting parts from multiple sources or if there is a language barrier in the place you are getting parts. I can pull a part out of a student’s breadboard and tell them if it is fried on the spot. I can go in any parts bin and tell you the function and pinout of most things you would find laying around in an electronics shop.

¬†From the manufacturer: “By popular demand, we now offer this Atlas Pro Pack, complete with extra spare batteries for each instrument, custom carry case and user guides. This pack contains the LCR45 Passive Component Impedance Meter, great for advanced hobbyists and professionals. It also contains the very popular DCA Pro (model DCA75), fantastic for component identification, pinout identification, detailed characteristic measurement and curve tracing on a PC. Complete with USB cable and software on a USB flash drive. Items included in this Pro pack are: LCR45, DCA75, Extra GP23 Battery, Extra AAA cell and Dual Carry Case.”