Egg Beeper



EOD Technicians have an awesome tradition of making beeping Easter eggs for blind children. The files in this project were made by an EOD Tech to make this easier to do. I love how parts that are sometimes used for nefarious purposes are being used by the best people to help people who need it.

We are making these files available for download for free with the hope that this tradition will spread beyond the EOD Community. The files in this lesson can be submitted to any board house for cheap production.


Download the files for this project in the lesson media section at the bottom of this page.




Figure 1: 555 Egg Beeper Schematic


This circuit uses a 555 timer in astable mode to make a small buzzer beep. The rate can be changed by adjusting the 50K potentiometer. This board can be powered by a cheap 9V battery.



555 Timer on Amazon


Figure 2:  Egg Beeper PCB in Gerber Viewer

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