Advanced IED Search Procedures



Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:

  • Receive, assess, and react properly to a bomb threat delivered by any method
  • Plan for and execute an evacuation necessitated by a bomb threat
  • Form, train, and equip IED search teams
  • Satisfactorily execute a search for an IED/suspicious item three areas: building interior, building exterior/open area, and vehicle interior/exterior
  • Perform adequate IED practical search techniques
  • Define sufficient IED reporting and evacuation protocols
  • Modify existing bomb search and evacuation procedures as desired/required
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Through classroom instruction and hands-on exercises, this course introduces students to IEDs and IED threats as they relate to developing a proactive IED search program. Participants learn about IED components and effects by using realistic IED training aids. A series of instructor-led scenarios supply realism to practical exercises in which participants form search teams and perform area, vehicle, and personnel searches using techniques learned during classroom instruction. The duration of course can be modified to meet client requirements.


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