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Advanced Security for Large Events



  • Discuss unique events that warrant a focus on security
  • Discuss events that have a unique nature of guests or agendas
  • Discuss events that are controversial in nature or worthy of media attention
  • Identify a security strategy for unique events
  • Develop security measures based on actual events
  • Address threat assessments / basic security and emergency plans / selecting a security vendor


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Planning security for a special event requires a tailored approach that balances effective, non-excessive, security measures against a realistic assessment of the likely threats to the event. This course is a not a “one size fits all” approach to security failures, but considers every aspect of the event that makes it unique. Students will discuss, identify, and prepare for all threats, customizing a security plan and implementing the appropriate security measures, identifying unique threat assessments, basic security components, and security vendor selection. Students will walk away understanding that the plan must be designed and implemented by a qualified team with eh experience to win the confidence of event management and local emergency responders.


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