Basic IED Search Procedures

Course Duration: (5 DAY) 40hrs


Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:

  • Receive, assess, and react properly to a bomb threat delivered by any method

  • Plan for and execute an evacuation necessitated by a bomb threat

  • Form, train, and equip IED search teams

  • Satisfactorily execute a search for an IED/suspicious item three areas: building interior, building exterior/open area, and vehicle interior/exterior

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Because increased IED awareness is critical to security planning, this workshop focuses on preventative measures and planning protocols in response to IED threats. Instruction includes specific search techniques that reduce vulnerability and mitigate the risk of terrorist IED attacks. The workshop culminates in practical scenario-driven exercises in which participants work as a team and apply skills necessary to implement a plan to prevent and detect, protect against, and respond to terrorist use of explosives in the United States.