Bomb Squad Electronics MTT


Course Abstract:

This 2-day Bomb Squad Electronics Course reveals how modern electronics offer the terrorist a broad range of options for device design and construction. Participants gain a practical understanding of COTS items that can and are being made into IEDs here at home. All materials for the devices we build will be obtained from online vendors shipping to the US. A mixed lecture/ lab format will allow for students to build functional training devices from the materials in their lab kit. The labs will only consist of soldering projects and will not require any breadboarding from the students. The student guides will contain drawings and sources for part for bomb squads to sustain their training.  Emphasis is placed on the characteristics of COTs components and circuits that make them attractive to the terrorist and the characteristics that often cause training devices to fail.


Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to:

  • Improve the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of a bomb squad responding to an IED incident
  • Improve threat assessment and forensic abilities of a bomb squad by enhancing their knowledge of IED construction techniques.
  • Enhance in-house training by enabling the bomb squad to recognize device designs from different sources and exploit those designs to produce more realistic training aids
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  1. Two day onsite (CONUS) course delivery for up to 8 Students.
  2. Instructor travel
  3. Eight Lab kits
  4. Student Training guide with schematics & diagrams
  5. Certificate of Completion


Training Objectives:

  • Understand the supply chain for COTS devices used in IEDs
    • Means and locations of production
    • Intermediate importers
    • Online sellers
  • Build Training Devices :
    • Timed Device
    • RCIED
    • VOIED


Schedule of Events: 

Day 1- Lecture, IED Builds

Day 2- IED Builds 









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