Bomb Threat Management



Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:

  • Categorize IED types by function and characteristics
  • Recognize hazards associated with IED types by function
  • Be familiar with safety precautions to reduce explosive effects of an IED
  • Relate the concept and procedures of “Am I Safe and Is Everyone Else Safe”
  • Explain threat assessment procedures for IED threats
  • Identify key information pertaining to bomb threats
  • Recognize potential search situations relating to IEDs
  • Develop immediate actions during search/discovery of an IED
  • Understand explosive incident safety and evacuation considerations
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A bomb threat is an effective means to disrupt business. Consequently, IED attacks remain the primary tactic for bombers, terrorists, and criminal extortionists seeking relatively uncomplicated, inexpensive means for inflicting mass casualties and maximum damage to critical infrastructure and economies. Through instruction in IED awareness, threat assessment, explosive incident detection, and bombing prevention, participants learn specific bomb threat management safety strategies to reduce risks and save lives. This discussion-based course is an ideal forum for participants to gain skills that will help them develop more robust emergency management plans that include appropriate safety precautions and protective measures when security is threatened.


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