EOD Makerbox 5.0


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EOD Makerbox 5.0



The kit consists of three solder kits with pre programmed Arduinos on FR-4 PCB

The kits will come with documentation for each circuit including a bill of materials, theory of operation, schematics, and code. 

We will limit sales to Only Active EOD, PSBT, GS EOD and EOD Support. Please provide your official shipping address. EOD qualified contractors can contact sales@improvisedelectronics.com for buying options. 


Project 1: ATTINY 85 Resistor Substitution Board 

This circuit will use a solid state relay (SSR) and an ATTINY 85 for resistor substitution. One input switch will trigger the ATTINY to toggle the SSR in order to switch the potentiometers in circuit to replace an EOL. Kit includes three female banana jacks to connect probes. 

Project 2: Pro-Mini 3V- Alarm Board with Lora 

Building on the Arduino Alarm board from the Makerbox 3, IE will create a similar board around the Pro Mini form factor and add in an RFM95 for remote arming and monitoring. Code for the remote monitoring and arming functionality will be written for the Lora Feather. Lora Feather not included but the code is! 

Project 3: Pro-Mini 5V- Seven Segment Timer with Sensors and Mode Select

This board will combine the features of a hollywood timer with an analog input for a photocell and digital input for a PIR or switch. The board will have a five position DIP switch to select the following modes:


  1. Hollywood Timer Only
  2. Timer Armed Photocell Fire (Light) 
  3. Timer Armed Photocell Fire (Dark)
  4. Timer Armed PIR Fire (Single) 
  5. Timer Armed PIR Fire (Count) 

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