EOD Robot Build 19-23 July, 2021


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$7,425.00- Online Training Course and EOD Robot Kit

Virtual MTT- Team Seat (with kit)

In this course a three to four person team of students will construct an EOD robot platform based mostly on COTS parts. Students will understand the concepts around designing a robotics platform and perform assembly and maintenance procedures on the vehicle. This will enable EOD Technicians to learn the basics of robotics on a simple easy to understand machine. Future courses will be centered around custom controllers and attachments for this robot. Students who have taken this course who are proficient in CAD and electronics will have a head start on developing purpose built attachments for this platform.

Course includes all tools, parts, and equipment required to build this EOD Robot Kit.


Day 1: Concepts and Kit Inventory

In this mixed lecture and lab, students will become familiar with the component parts of the robot and how they are assembled. The instructor will cover the methodology used to source and integrate parts to bring motion to your projects. Special attention will be given to parts that fail periodically and need to be replaced. The instructor will demonstrate assembly and repair procedures. Students will understand component level test procedures to identify faults.

Day 2: Mechanical Assembly

Instructor will lead students through the mechanical assembly of the EOD Robot Kit. Students will understand how much assembly and disassembly is required to “get to” parts that need to be replaced or tested.

Day 3: Wiring the Robot

Instructor will lead students through wiring their robot IAW the system wiring diagrams. All tools required will be included in the EOD Robot Kit to ensure the student and instructors are seeing the same thing.

Day 4: Electronics and Field Test

Students will install and configure the control and video electronics for the EOD Robot. Students will then test their new robot in various field conditions and document their results for the other groups to review. Students can post videos to the group forums looking for feedback from the other groups participating.

Day 5: Maintenance and Troubleshooting- Future Development Feedback

Instructors will guide students through preventive and corrective maintenance on the EOD Robot. Students and instructors will aid any team with outstanding faults in troubleshooting and repair. Students will suggest future add-ons to the platform and present ideas for their own projects using the EOD Robot Kit.

Tuition must be paid in advance of course. Tuition is for three to five students.



  1. EOD Robot Kit (One kit for team)
  2. Tool Kit
  3. Online Course (3-4 Students)
  4. Student Training Notes (Online)
  5. Certificates of Completion


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