IED Training Exercise Monitoring System (ITEMS)


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ITEMS is an training exercise monitoring system for IED Training Aids designed for EOD & PSBT training. The system monitors and displays real time player and device status during the training exercise without the need for expensive RF caps that are lost or damaged in training.

The system consists of four main modules: An Exercise Control Unit (EXCON), Wearable Player Units (WPU) up to four man teams, a Universal IED Circuit Board (UICD) and a Simulator Triggering Unit (STU).

The EXCON is a handheld device that the instructor uses to monitor the player and device status. The instructor can reset the drill (IED and dead players) remotely with a single button press.

The PU is a light weight device that receives “kill codes” from the IED board and relays player deaths to the EXCON. The unit has a green light for alive and a red light for dead. The PU can only be reset from the EXCON to keep your students honest.

The UCID is a microcontroller based IED board that can accept multiple trigger inputs. The UCID is resettable from the EXCON and has an adjustable transmit power level that allows it to replicate the blast radius of a range of ordnance.

The STU has Voltage and MILES Compliant contact closure outputs to interface with battlefield effects from any manufacturer.




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