Introduction to Robotics for EOD


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Day 1: Assemble and Test Electronics

Lecture: Instructor will lead a discussion based on the schematics and code for the robot. Students will understand the block diagrams of the robot. 


  • Setting up the Arduino DUE and Loading Source Code
  • Assemble and test the Remote 
  • Complete wiring and connectorization of main harness
  • Test operation of Motors  
Day 2: Mechanical Assembly

Lecture: The lecture is focused on how the mechanical parts of the robot work and how they are assembled. Students will understand how to assemble and disassemble the robot for repairs. 



  • Assemble chassis and mount motors
  • Assemble wheels and tracks 
  • Install wiring harness and electronics 


Day 3: Test and Troubleshooting

Lecture: This lecture will cover the various faults that a user may encounter and methods to troubleshoot and repair those faults. 



  • Faulty Motor Controller Lab 
  • Replacing Wheels and Tracks Lab 
  • Robot Rodeo- Drivers ED for the bot


  • Four Robot Kits 
  • Four Remote Controls 
  • Four Tool Kits
  • Four Spare Parts and Replacement Kits

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