RF Principles for EOD


Course Abstract:

This 3-day EOD RF Principles Course reveals how modern electronics offer the terrorist a broad range of options for device design and construction. Participants gain a practical understanding of RCIEDs, including dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF), PT2262/PT2272 based encoding and decoding, and a variety of serial data based RF modules including WiFi, Zigbee, bluetooth and several variants of Hope RF modules used in IEDs across multiple theaters.

The course begins with an outline of Radio Frequency theory based on the pertinent sections of the NEETS Modules, followed by an introduction to a wide variety of RF modules used in RCIED. Components will be introduced as schematics, physical components, radiographs or as post blast photographs as needed to reinforce training topics associated with EOD Tasks.  Emphasis is placed on the characteristics of electronic components and circuits that make them attractive to the terrorist and the characteristics that often cause training devices to fail.


Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to:

  • Improve the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of a bomb squad responding to an IED incident
  • Improve threat assessment and forensic abilities of a bomb squad by enhancing their knowledge of IED construction techniques.
  • Enhance in-house training by enabling the bomb squad to recognize device designs from different sources and exploit those designs to produce more realistic training aids
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  1. Three day onsite (CONUS) course delivery for up to 10 Students.
  2. Two HackRF kits with screens and antennas
  3. Ten Lab kits (Breadboard, Multimeter, Soldering Iron, Parts Kit, COTs radio modules and DTMF Radio, and Arduino boards)
  4. Student Training guide with schematics & diagrams
  5. CAD files and source code (from the labs)
  6. Certificate of Completion


Training Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of RF Theory
    • Wave Propagation
    • Transmission lines
    • Antennas
    • Encoding and Decoding (DTMF, PT2262, Serial Data)
    • Microcontrollers and IDE Setup
  • Build RCIED Circuits for analysis:
    • Cell phone device
    • DTMF Radio Device
    • RFT-2 Device
    • Wifi Based IED
    • RFM95-Arduino
    • RFM23B PIC
  • Build SDR system for exploitation and testing
    • Assemble HackRF and configure as Spectrum Analyzer
    • Observe signals from RCIED circuits on the electromagnetic spectrum
    • Use SDR to demodulate RCIED signals


Schedule of Events: 

Day 1- Lecture, Demonstration and Gear Prep 

Day 2- RCIED Builds 

Day 3- HackRF configuration and analysis









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