Improvised Electronics specializes in replicating improvised explosive devices (anti-personnel/anti-vehicle/anti-armor, anti-personnel/anti-tank mines, and other explosive hazards) found on today’s battlefield. This is accomplished by using state of the art communications and control systems integrated with world class battlefield effects.

The operational quality and efficiency produces a product that supports the continuum of operations across the spectrum of conflict and operational themes against adversaries’ in the future operational environment. Our solution removes the subjectivity of current training practices and validates the execution of successful assessments, planning, and integration of operational information and relevant TTP into how current and future forces will operate against present-day threats.


In 2009, Jeff Jennings founded Improvised Electronics from his garage to support the C-IED training needs of the EOD community. Building on his experience at the electronics shop and training center of the Advanced IED School at Eglin AFB, Jeff designed and engineered custom training aids to meet the advanced and highly specified needs of his clients, and developed robust training courses to share his unique set of skills with the next generation of C-IED trainers.

Dissatisfied with the value proposition of blast and automatic weapons simulation systems on the market, Jeff turned his attention to engineering the best possible propane/oxygen simulators to integrate with his training aid systems. The result is a durable, reliable, and easy-to-use system that exceeds the performance of anything else available, and provides a clear value-add to any range.

To complete this holistic offering and expand to a broad market, Jeff worked to integrate his systems into a lightweight but feature-rich range instrumentation system, to offer the advantages of flexible operator control and objective AARs at a fraction of the price of larger systems. In support of our mission to provide holistic solutions for the live tactical training needs of our armed forces, we actively seek projects to instrument all manner of training equipment with next generation radio communication for seamless integration with modern range systems.

Improvised Electronics currently has 15 employees at our 6000 square foot production facility, in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Our facility supports fabrication and assembly of our product line, R&D and prototyping operations, and custom engineering and fabrication for a portfolio of defense sector clients. We are energized to seek creative and collaborative solutions to the problems facing our armed forces and the defense industry.