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IED Training Aids & Battlefield FX

Based on current trends, our IED training aids are designed to enhance today’s EOD, military and law enforcement training.

Realistic training means the device works.

IED training aids that don’t work are worthless. Buy Functional IED Circuit boards to build your own IED electronics. Take our online EOD Electronics classes and learn to make your own EOD Kit.

Improvised Electronics makes only the highest quality IED Training Aids and IED Circuit Boards for use in EOD and C-IED training. We believe that the most advanced military in the world should not be relegated to training with movie props. We only sell the best quality Inert Ordnance to pair with our IED Circuit Boards to make training aids that function as closely to real improvised explosive devices as possible. Inert ordnance should always be X-Ray real and have correct measurements in EOD Training. Train with functional IED Electronics to test your TPPs against. Remove subjectivity from your training and let the scenario play out like it would in real life.

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