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Wireless AP Mines for EOD training

Real AP Mines are a threat across the globe. Our AP Mines are designed to help you train for that threat as realistically as possible. You don’t have to settle for wires coming out of the side of your training mines for them to be functional. Our mines have a long range even when buried. That’s because they contain our proprietary magic cap radios and not some chinese bluetooth module that wasn’t designed to punch through the dirt. Our Magic Cap System works better for IED training aids than the hobby level items currently on the market and the same is true for our Wireless AP Mines.

Quality matters. Our AP mines are made from temperature resistant ABS plastic. They are strong and you can step on them over and over without them warping or cracking. They come with a 1 year warranty!

We can easily replicate any mine past or present with our rapid prototyping capabilities. Please visit our friends at CAT-UXO for technical data on AP mines and other UXO items.