55- Arduino DTMF


The Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) requires four digits to operate, one number to arm the device, and three numbers sequentially (they have to happen in order) to fire. The numbers selected are hard coded but can be changed by making edits to the code. There is no safe-to-arm switch, no internal timer. The device, by default, lights the arm/fire LEDs and energizes the relay on startup. If this undesirable, it can be changed in the code. The device, by default, fires for 5 seconds before resetting (including disarming). The default code is * ‘star’ to arm and ‘3’ ‘4’ ‘5’ to fire. Again these can be modified in the code.

Choose “Full Kit (PCB + Parts)” for a solder kit that includes all required parts for the build, a quick reference card and support from our amazing community of makers.
Choose “Assembled and Tested” for a fully assembled and tested ready to use device and reference card.