Alarm Attack/Bypass


Course Duration: (5 DAY) 40hrs



Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to:

  • Covertly pick / circumvent / by-pass locks

  • Identify and execute wire diagnostic techniques

  • Identify and execute proper hand entry procedures


The Access and Disablement Training Course is 5 days – 40hrs of theory and practical application instruction. This course is designed to teach the skills, tactics and techniques required to covertly pick, circumvent or by-pass locks in a precise manner, to include, wire diagnostic techniques for alarm by-pass and hand entry into suspect devices. During this course, students will hone their skills on a variety of locks and entry into various devices, which are representative of what’s typically encountered in the field. Our instructors are former EOD professionals who use the same covert entry techniques in the field, and stay abreast of current changes and trends.  Instruction and information will be delivered via PowerPoint presentations, hands-on practice and open-forum discussions.  Knowledge gained during classroom lectures will be reinforced by practical exercises at the end of each block of training.  Attendees will be provided with student handouts detailing material and techniques that will be covered during the course.