Basic IED Electronics


Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to:

  • Improve the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of a bomb squad responding to an IED incident
  • Improve threat assessment and forensic abilities of a bomb squad by enhancing their knowledge of IED construction techniques.
  • Enhance in-house training by enabling the bomb squad to recognize device designs from different sources and exploit those designs to produce more realistic training aids
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Class will be conducted in our San Diego Training Facility on the following dates:

  • 26-28 Aug 2019
  • 23-25 Sept 2019
  • 21-23 Oct 2019
  • 4-6 Nov 2019
  • 9-13 Dec 2019
  • 20-22 Jan 2020
  • 17-19 Feb 2020
  • 16-18 Mar 2020




This course reveals how modern electronics offer the terrorist a broad range of options for device design and construction. Assuming no previous knowledge of electronics, participants gain a practical understanding of devices such as collapsing circuits (traditional and solid state), modification of commercial technologies for use in IEDs, and remote-controlled IEDs (RCIEDs), including dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF), and other coding systems. The course begins with an outline of electrical theory and Ohm’s Law, followed by an introduction to a wide variety of electronic components. Emphasis is placed on the characteristics of electronic components and circuits that make them attractive to the terrorist and the characteristics that often cause training devices to fail. Students learn primarily by building circuits.


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