Boombox is a lightweight, air-cooled, oxygen / propane-operated, instant fire, blast simulator that has the ability to reach 115 decibels when fired. The simulator has a 30 second safe arm function when power is applied and the unit is turned on. The advantage of this compact simulator is that it has the ability to be fired indoors, where others do not.

This cost effective penalty has both military and civilian applications, creating realism in any training evolution. The construction of the housing has given the simulator the ability to fire multiple shots without overheating, all while having the ability to withstand different weather conditions.


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  • Provides realistic and safe blast wave (115 dB realistic explosive effect)
  • Provides capability to simulate wide variety of weapons (Flashbang, grenades, breach charges, etc)
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Costs pennies per shot to operate
  • Magic Cap Enabled (adds capability to fire Battlefield FX simulators w/ IE training aids)
  • IE-IOT Enabled (extends wireless range when using multiple simulators)
  • Propane/oxygen combustion system (commercially available)
  • Outfitted w/ convenient Quick Disconnect gas fittings
  • Easy Maintenance (common available parts and fittings)

Included w/ Purchase

  • 2500FT Range – Handheld Remote Control Included
  • Control box is housed in a Pelican 1450
  • 12v SLA Battery & Charger
  • Provided w/ User Manual / Quick Reference Guide (print & digital)
  • 1 Year Warranty (Parts and Labor)