Harvey’s Casino Bomb Extortion Device


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The Harvey’s Casino Bomb Extortion Device by Improvised Electronics utilizes the framework of the actual Harvey’s Casino event to create a more complex training scenario for Bomb Disposal units with a modern flare. The training device incorporates circuitry that will challenge team members to think outside the box.  After a preselected time, the device will arm and remain armed for up to 24 hours.  The device can be set to self-destruct within that 24-hour window, if desired, creating even more urgency for the responding team.  A large-scale device that includes a large main charge forces the team to utilize proper protective measures and improvised radiograph techniques.  Failure to render safe the device will lead to additional post-blast procedures, team operating evaluations, as well as large-scale device technique discussions.


This device comes with a transmitter for the IE Magic Cap System installed. This allows the EOD team to monitor the device during an energetic RSP to determine if the device would have functioned as designed.


Please allow us 90 days to build this complicated device.