IED Electronics Training Sustainment Kit

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This IED Electronics build kit includes all of the parts and circuit boards you need to sustain your unit level EOD training operations. The kit comes with schematics and project instructions to ensure that your training devices work for your training.

Includes parts to build:

10 RFT-2 Boards

5 DTMF Boards

30 Dual SCR Relay Boards

25 MOSFET Boards

25 Arduino IEDs (with Code)

Triggers Included:

30 Assorted Micro-Switches

25 PBNO Switches

50 Photocells

Arduino Sensor Pack

25 Tremble Switches

2 DTMF Radios

40 Assorted Toggle Switches

25 Digital Kitchen Timers

1 X-Ray Sensor

25 Mechanical Timers

10 Pressure plate parts

20 Mouse Traps

Basic Electronics Accessories:

5 Jumper Wire kits

10 mini solderless breadboards

25 solder breadboard

25 assorted sirens and strobes

25 Flashbulbs

Assorted wire and connectors



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