Blast Simulator Upgrade Kit


Upgrade your legacy blast or machine gun simulators from any manufacturer!

This kit will upgrade the electronics and replace the consumable parts on any blast simulator on the market. There’s no need to buy a new cannon.



  • 250M radio range 
  • Waterproof housing
  • Direct integration with Magic mines and IED Triggers 
  • Adjustable fill time to get an OMG blast from a man-portable cannon 
  • Simplify maintenance by removing proprietary parts (No epoxy module) 
  • Fewer misfires
  • Fittings to match your existing system
  • Guided install or ship or it to us
  • One Year Warranty


Choose the “Self-Upgrade Kit” option to do it yourself or choose “Ship it to Us” to have our team upgrade your simulator for you!

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  • Simulator Control Unit
  • Control Cable
  • Handheld Remote
  • 4 Magic Mines
  • Propane and Oxygen Regulator Set + Hoses
  • All consumable parts (spark plug, coil, solenoids, etc)
  • Parts and fittings
  • Full phone and video support