EOD Circuit Diagnostics and Manual Entry


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12 Students: Three Four Person Teams

Prerequisites- EOD Electronics or AIEDD  

Schedule of Events: 

Day 1: Wire Diagnostic Techniques using COTS Test Equipment

Lecture: Instructor will lead a discussion and demonstration of diagnostic techniques and circuit calculations that are important to formulating a proper RSP. This section will cover scenarios where wire attack and detonator diagnostics can be applied. 


  • Multimeter tutorial
  • Current Probe and Relays Lab 
  • Resistor Sub on Wire Attack Trainer 
Day 2: X-Ray Interpretation and Precision Aiming

Lecture: The lecture is focused on interpolating radiographs of IED components with the suspected components schematic to attempt to determine the functionality of the device. An understanding of electronics and a talent for puzzle solving is required to quickly narrow down the answer from a list of possibilities. 


  • Breadboard five historical IEDs using supplied components.
  • Build Dual SCR IED Circuit Board.
  • Build RC Timer Board.
Day 3: Access Drills

Lecture: This lecture will cover the various tools and techniques EOD Technicians use to access different packages that IEDs come in. 


  • Access and diagnose wires in a soft package
  • Access and diagnose dets in a wood crate
  • Access and remove item from steel box with sensors
Day 4: Hostage Drills

Lecture: This lecture is focused on the tactics and techniques EOD Technicians use to quickly access and diagnose an IED circuit that is attached to a hostage. This is a delicate process where you must maintain a calm professional demeanor to calm the hostage while simultaneously performing highly technical procedures all while you are both in mortal danger.


  • Team Practical Hostage RSP 
  • Team debrief 
Day 5: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Lecture: This module introduces chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons of mass destruction. It will introduce the history, categories, and characteristics of CBRN WMDs. It will show the various types of weapons available and help you understand some of the deployment methods for CBRN devices.  




  • Team WMD Exercise 




  • One Master EOD Trainer with MTS and recent deployment experience
  • Training devices for all labs
  • Resistor substitution devices
  • Scenarios and pre-briefs for scenarios

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  • Team Gear 
  • Training Range
  • OC qualified Instructors (Four to One ratio)

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