RFT-2 IED BoardIED Circuit Boards

Improvised Electronics offers a comprehensive line of circuit boards for use in constructing functional IED training aids. These functional IED Circuit Boards allow the student or user to quickly and effectively construct training aids without the expense or wait that comes with contracting out a custom device build. Building the training device allows the user to get the exact device they are looking for every time. Our EOD customers need flexibility to meet an ever changing threat and have trusted our solutions to aid in training for that fight for more than five years.

These IED Circuit Boards are the standard for IED training aids in the EOD market.  Improvised Electronics routinely produces 10,000 or more of these boards each year to support the Joint Service EOD community. The IED circuit boards offered on this page are the exact models that used to build devices for militaries around the world. Improvised Electronics has provided IED circuit boards to CI2C, EOD Training units, and industry partners for years in large quantities. We are now offering these IED circuit boards in low quantity to support our customers at the unit level.

These products are restricted to Military and Law Enforcement customers only.