Semiconductor Lab: TPU Build (Watch and SCR)



This IED Electronics Workshop will be conducted in our San Diego Training Facility on the following dates:

  • 14AUG18 1300-1500
  • 28AUG18 1300-1500
  • 25SEP18 1300-1500
  • 09OCT18 1300-1500
  • 16OCT18 1300-1500
  • 06NOV18 1300-1500
  • 05FEB19 1300-1500

In this IED Electronics Workshop, Students will:

  • Analyze a TPU schematic
  • Translate that schematic to the physical circuit layout
  • Construct device using supplied PCB
  • Test circuit using lab supplied test equipment


  1. Student Handouts
  2. Printed Circuit Board and relevant parts
  3. Certificate of Completion


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