IED Electronics Training Courses

EOD - LEO- State- Industry

MTT Courses

Priced for 15 Students// Conus Instructor Travel Included

Areas of Expertise:

  • Advanced Circuitry and Explosive Device Training, Development and Integration
  • Curriculum and Education Program Development
  • Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
  • Providing IED support and training to DoD, DoS and Law Enforcement agencies
  • Applied Explosives Technologies and Countermeasures
  • Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Development
  • Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
  • Crisis/Consequence Management
  • Technical Intelligence
  • Battlefield Effects


Our electronics courses are focused on getting you ready to make your own training devices. We don’t copy breadboards from Powerpoint. We breadboard from schematics and then hand you that circuit on a PCB to build a device from. I teach electronics more like they do at ET School and less like JATAC.

1. Are they able to be tailored to the customer?
Absolutely. We have topics broken down into modules. You can mix and match. I’m always happy to make sense of a circuit you might have come across. I have a pretty extensive library.
2. Who are the instructors and what qualifications do they have?
It depends on the course. I was a Navy ET stationed at AIEDD. I teach electronics. I have a pool of EOD guys with varying backgrounds. Lots of SOF experience in the pool. I used them for some custom moving and shooting courses for the Navy guys.
3. At what level do they teach? 
We teach to your level. We will have a few phone calls before we arrive to assess your needs. I believe in strong fundamentals for the electronics class. Students need to be able to calculate values, read schematics and use test equipment to build and troubleshoot devices.
4. Are these courses mostly awareness, DA action (SOF) Support, CONUS Operations. Pre-Deployment awareness? 
We’ve done a little of each of those. We taught every ATF CES guy in the country electronics over the last 2 years. We did a SOF integration course for the Navy with T1G. The Army and Air Force have used our Comprehensive Electronics Course to satisfy their pre-deployment requirements instead of JATAC on a few occasions.