Improvised Electronics IED Training Aids are designed to be easily customizable and reusable. We understand that there is no one size fits all approach to EOD training.

We believe that IED Training Aids should be built a bit differently than IEDs. IEDs only need to work once but we know that your job expects you to do more with less. Our devices are built to be reused. Some of our devices have been rebuilt and reused after multiple dual tool shots. IEDs that don’t work still have value for the enemy because we expend resources and time rendering them safe. IED Training Aids that don’t work are worthless. They only add subjectivity to training by letting the instructor decide when a device would function rather than letting the scenario play out as it would in real life. Replicas are for museums. The most advanced military in the world should train with the most Advanced IED Electronics available. You can find them at Improvised Electronics.

Quality Markers:

  • All devices are functional
  • Devices are designed to reinforce a training objective
  • All loose wires have tension relief
  • All holes in enclosures for wire passage have grommets
  • PCBs are mounted with standoffs
  • No Hot Glue. Feel free to add that yourself. We won’t judge.
  • PCBs are labeled to make sense. NC is a Normally closed input. Out is a voltage output. Easy
  • Devices come with instructions and a number to call for help.
  • No proprietary Inputs or Outputs. Your pressure plate will work just fine. No need to buy one if you have one.
  • Loud Sirens and Bright LEDs only. Our Battlefield FX are even louder!

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